Porkuni Cabin
Jan 25, 2010Public
Photo: November 17 2009 starting the cabin
Photo: June 22 2011 almost finished the cabin
Photo: Cabin does not official exist, even it is about 150 years old
Photo: July 5 waiting for the windows.
Photo: November 17 2009 The back of the cabin
Photo: The back of the cabin on June 22 2011
Photo: street side
Photo: The front of the cabin
Photo: Start December 5 2009.
Photo: July 5 2010. Putting some tempary doors
Photo: Taken off the roof.
Photo: Neighbors made a stable in the cabin for a pig.
Pig removed.
Photo: The kitchen almost finished on June 21 2011
Photo: Some inside garbage from the neighbors
Photo: The road to the Porkuni mois.Cabin with defender
Photo: The neigbor took some land from me and placed a sauna there
Photo: The kitchen side
Photo: Inside if the cabin designed. One open place
Photo: The living room side