Heysen Trail End2End-1 Mt Bryan SNOW & blizzard 28June14
Jul 8, 2014Public
Photo: Sat morn - Mt Bryan covered on cloud - before the walk
Photo: colours Mt Bryan East
Photo: busing to the start
Photo: and these two
Photo: Hallett - cold and wet
Photo: soggy ground is waterloged
Photo: off the road and wetter
Photo: erosion continues
Photo: streaming into the canyon
Photo: morning tea in the rain - between the hail
Photo: that's SNOW !!!
Photo: snowy build-up
Photo: winter wonderland
Photo: the wind is not recorded
Photo: on to the summit
Photo: ice & snow at the stile
Photo: shed gave shelter from the blizzaed wind
Photo: Michael M pic of group
Photo: Mt Bryan post & seat
Photo: break in the snowfall
Photo: on the throne/seat
Photo: across to the Mt Bryan cain
Photo: sliding down