Cascades volcanoes
Dec 4, 2014Public
Photo: Cascades subduction zone.jpg
Photo: Eruptions in the Cascade Range During the Past 4,000 Years
Photo: Mt Hood Trillium Lake     DSC_5644.jpg
Photo: Crater Rock, Mt. Hood  DSC_5655.jpg
Photo: Cascades Mt. Hood Trillium Lake.jpg
Photo: DSC_5680.jpg
Photo: Cascades Mt. Hood Trillium Lake AM.jpg
Photo: Mt. Jefferson            DSC_5719.jpg
Photo: Cascades Highway 26 OR Jefferson.jpg
Photo: 3 sisters Lava Butte Newberry view.jpg
Photo: Newberry crater, obsidian   DSC_5828.jpg
Photo: DSC_5853.jpg
Photo: 3 sisters Rd to Paulina Lake.jpg
Photo: DSC_5891.jpg
Photo: Mt Shasta Panorama.jpg
Photo: Mt Shasta close up.jpg
Photo: DSC_5923.jpg
Photo: DSC_5933.jpg
Photo: Lassen National Park     DSC_5952.jpg
Photo: Vulcan's Eye on Lassen Peak from Lake Helen        DSC_5971.jpg
Photo: Lake Helen              DSC_5992.jpg
Photo: Sulfur works Panorama Mt Lassen Natl Park.jpg
Photo: Driving north from Chico onto road 32       DSC_6601.jpg
Photo: Lassen Peak               DSC_6630.jpg