Return of the British-2015
Aug 26, 2015Public
Photo: Welcome to the digital record of the 5th British Car Show at Historic Rugby, Tennessee recorded mostly by Barbara Mitchell.
Photo: Charlie and Pat loaded up their truck with all the "stuff" needed for prizes and auction and the other papers and boxes necessary for an organized show.
Photo: More stuff.
Photo: And more.
Photo: Fortunately we left enough room for Pat to drive the truck up to Rugby.
Photo: Meanwhile, I prepared the MG for its drive up to Rugby with its new trailer.
Photo: And on the day before the show, many of us arrived at Rugby to set up and enjoy the village.
Photo: It's a learning situation.
Photo: Some cars have their own transport.
Photo: Hi Connie.
Photo: Setting up the entrance with our new Return of the British banner.
Photo: A rare Riley.
Photo: Hi Mike.
Photo: Working on the second tent. This one should go quicker.
Photo: Jim, Judy and Gary.
Photo: Still Friday, still more cars coming.
Photo: Great poster.
Photo: Barbara made sure the café advertised the show.