Rugby 2014
Sep 3, 2014Public
Photo: In the background of the plaque & the awards is the original Anglican Church of Rugby. Future years will feature a different building. So this is no. 1 in the collector series.
Photo: Bunnells had to bring along the door prizes, silent auction items and all the registration paperwork. The Ram started filling up.
Photo: The truck looks almost full, but I had to leave room for the ice chest.
Photo: Mari & Ray Leedy of Dandy Dogs donated two cases of water for the workers at the event. It was greatly appreciated.
Photo: This is the first time Pat drove the Ram - the 1.25 hour drive to Rugby.
Photo: Friday afternoon and the work begins. Boyd starts pounding stakes.
Photo: Jim pulls the stakes.
Photo: Then followed a discussion about stakes. Not seen is Julian who had also been pounding stakes.
Photo: Pat starts sorting the registration envelopes in the Newbury House where we stayed.
Photo: Melinda is working along with her. They make a great team.
Photo: Connie Wright explains the history of her 1937 Morris  12/4 Series 3 Sedan.
Photo: David relaxes with a coffee/
Photo: Before you know it, it's supper time in the Harrow Road Cafe. The Mitchells, Paynes, Watsons, and Bunnells are there to be joined shortly by Doug & Beth Housley.
Photo: Free entertainment was included for the evening and it was enjoyed.
Photo: Kevin on the left provided a ton of support to us in preparing for the event. Kelly made sure we'd all get to eat and have a place to lay our heads in the evening.
Photo: Decisions, decisions.
Photo: The Paynes
Photo: And there's the Housleys!
Photo: Relaxing before bedtime and swapping stories of cars bought and cars sold - and the ones that got away.
Photo: Saturday morning and Pat and Melinda are ready for the cars to come in-Bring 'em on!
Photo: There is no class for trailers in this show. But the bikes inside will find a place to park.
Photo: And here comes the Knoxville gang, led by the Rigbys.