Mar 26, 2010Public
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My collection is composed of a limited number of items but it has the peculiarity of homogeneity. Even if the glasses were purchased in the space of several years, it emerges clear the principle never changed. There are several uncertain items, in some case I couldn't get the minimum certainty about who was the glassmaker.
My beautiful glass collection is now finally complete, I have decided to stop on collecting.
Right now the collection is on sale. Anybody interested in can contact me writing to:
Photo: 2.KRALIK
Photo: 3.LÖTZ
Photo: 4-5.LÖTZ
Two precious Lötz Medici; an identical vase is shown at the Bröhan collection in Berlin.
Photo: 6.LÖTZ
Photo: 7.LÖTZ
Photo: 8-9.KRALIK (?)
Photo: 10. Rindskopf (?)
Photo: 11.LÖTZ
Photo: 13.LÖTZ
Photo: 14-15.KRALIK
Photo: 16.KRALIK
Photo: 17.KRALIK
Photo: 18.GOLDBERG
Photo: 19.PALLME-KÖNIG (?)
Photo: 20.LÖTZ
Photo: 21.KRALIK
Photo: 22.KRALIK
Photo: 23.LÖTZ
Photo: 24-25.HARRACH (?)
Photo: 26.LÖTZ
Photo: 27-28.LÖTZ