Apr 14, 2010Public
Photo: I am DIG member
Photo: First DIG award
Photo: wkd for CW plaque
Photo: last for CW plaque
Photo: 2000 DIG MEMBER,s-OCT-24-2012
Photo: First in OK and Nr.2 outside DL
Photo: Now for TROPHY
Photo: and Trophy is home
Photo: Ufb award manager 1 nice year cooperation with Klaus
Photo: easy award
Photo: very nice
Photo: first DIG award outside DL
Photo: also easy award
Photo: last DIG award for QRL
Photo: unsuccerssful award
Photo: only one DIG contest
Photo: UKW plaque 1.attack
Photo: nw 2.attack
Photo: last for blue plaque
Photo: Award application for OK1AMU catharsis
Photo: nw attack at DIG big trophy
Photo: Thank you WAG contest in october 2005
Photo: Penultimate award
Photo: 1.Finally !