Zurich for GEEK
Oct 14, 2010Public
Photo: The view from one of the windows of the hotel.
Photo: Building the fire.
Photo: Looking down on the city.
Photo: A darker but less blurred attempt at the same shot.
Photo: The path we came up.
Photo: Looking up the path from where I was taking photos.
Photo: The city through a gap in the trees.
Photo: Back to the first place I was taking photos of the city.
Photo: Pörkölt cooking over the fire.
Photo: It was quite smoky.
Photo: Mmm, fire.
Photo: More flames.
Photo: You can see the shape of the pot in this one.
Photo: Waiting for dinner.
Photo: Is it ready yet? Unfortunately not, it still needs to cook for almost an hour.
Photo: Finally, we are about to eat!
Photo: Oerlikon Bahnhof, just across the road from the hotel.
Photo: I popped out for a short walk around the streets near the hotel.
Photo: A nice church fairly near the hotel.
Photo: The same church from behind, so as not to be shooting into the sun.
Photo: Some houses. Window shutters like this seem to be quite popular around here.
Photo: I just made it to this park before I had to turn around and head back to the hotel.