Cochabamba Day, Sept 14, 2011
Sep 18, 2011Public
Photo: Flyover by the Air Force

(Photo Credit: Nathan)
Photo: A miners' cooperative
Photo: Construction Services Cooperative
Photo: We saw many groups like this.  According to Nathan's language helper, it is three communities that have banded together in a "mancomunidad."  Most had banners like this. . .
Photo: . . .but some were like this
Photo: Hitting the crowd for donations
Photo: Clown selling bubble guns
Photo: Taking advantage of a tree
Photo: He's not helping the stereotype about tuba players. . .
Photo: 1st of May High School Band
Photo: 1st of May High School Band
Photo: Merchants' Cooperative.  The personal banners give the position of each person:  very important in this status-oriented culture.
Photo: Watching the officers go by
Photo: Military Engineering School. . . half the group was women
Photo: We were surprised at how many different uniforms there were.
Photo: Guards from the houses of government in La Paz
Photo: Dressed for the jungle.  There were 9 motorcycles in this group, including a Harley-wannabe, a crotch rocket, and two scooters.
Photo: At La Casa Del Silpancho, after the parade