Selling api at the anniversary of Sacaba
Jul 2, 2012Public
Photo: Rolling dough for pasteles
Photo: Mariel doing it the old-fashioned way ;)
Photo: Making pasteles
Photo: How many men does it take to roll dough?
Photo: Ready to go!  We transported them to the plaza this way, and fried them on-site and served them hot!
Photo: Our setup.  I spent a good portion of the night sitting in that tree, taking pictures
Photo: Fresh, hot pasteles - cheese-filled pastry
Photo: Api is a hot, thick drink made from corn.  It comes in two flavors - yellow and purple.  Most people like it mixed.
Photo: The operation as seen from my tree
Photo: Guido serving up api
Photo: A potato chip vendor, as seen from my perch in the tree
Photo: Most of the 4-hour parade (and 2 more days of the same) is school bands, but some of them have baton twirlers and other auxiliary units.
Photo: All of those tables are people selling the exact same stuff as us - api and pasteles
Photo: There were three junction boxes like this in the tree
Photo: Local government
Photo: Getting busy!
Photo: A young couple enjoying our wares
Photo: This is the most popular snack in the Andes.  All of the vendors had packed houses for several hours.
Photo: These lanterns are a popular parade feature, in all shapes and colors