Concurso de Bandas (Band Competition)
Sep 12, 2011Public
Photo: Little shooters
Photo: Most of the bands played in formation, then moved.  Not much playing-while-moving action like we're used to.
Photo: The Prussian influences in the uniforms interests me.  This style of head-dress is very common.
Photo: This was a youth folkloric band.  Native drums, panpipes, and flutes.
Photo: The young man with the red flag is representing the Oruro department.
Photo: His outfit says Santa Cruz, but that's the Pando flag
Photo: Representing Cochabamba
Photo: Representing Chuquisaca
Photo: We bought 3 little umbrellas for the girls.  It was 80*F, plus we were in a packed crowd in a concrete stadium, sitting in the sun.
Photo: And then the Queen's Guard showed up. . .
Photo: I'm not sure how she managed to walk on the field in those boots!
Photo: Color guard
Photo: The Gondolas were running to the Cristo.  Lots of people up there.
Photo: Anne met a couple of little girls that had obviously been in a performance.
Photo: We still can't believe this.  People here sit in 80+ in pants and sweaters!!  This is why they get after us for not making our kids wear jackets at 70*.
Photo: An all-girls band from Cusco, Peru.  They did the most play-n-march that we saw.
Photo: See the two girls with the tubas?  They're attached with neckstraps.  I'll take a sousaphone, thanks.