First Roadtrip!!
Jan 7, 2013Public
Photo: We took our first roadtrip in about 2.5 years in a new vehicle, in a new country!
Photo: Stopping for a gas/bathroom break at  Colomi, 10,800 ft asl.  We still had to go almost 2000 ft higher to clear the top.
Photo: Descending into the jungle.  There are "normal" ferns at the bottom of the photo
Photo: This photo sums up a lot of what the first half of the drive was like:  fog, bus/truck traffic, and slow going due to landslides, all on a steep drop into the jungle.
Photo: Because of the grade, once a truck has to stop while going up, they have a tough time getting going again.  This loader was towing this truck up to where? with a steel cable, attached to the truck by a lug wrench :P
Photo: It's rainy season , so there were a ton of waterfalls all over.  Kaylee caught this one just right!
Photo: Kaylee was impressed with the fact that these people live in the mist and rain for several months of the year
Photo: An unusually well-marked construction area
Photo: A typical house
Photo: It felt good to be out on the road, in spite of the stress of driving here
Photo: We stopped at the gas station in Villa Tunari to get fluid for my clutch (I had been power shifting down that hill for 55 miles) and then the starter on Ben's Cruiser blew up.
Photo: Playing with shutter speeds while the other play volleyball
Photo: Sending 2012 out with a bang!
Photo: Sending 2012 out with a bang!
Photo: After our conference was over, we went to a hotel to enjoy the pool for a couple days
Photo: Complimentary ice cream in the hot tub!
Photo: Someone has VERY bad taste!
Photo: Then we went to the zoo!
Photo: Yep, she's a little monkey!
Photo: Cat nap
Photo: Feeding the fish
Photo: Baby pigs
Photo: Cayman