Aug 5, 2014Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: We don't have many photos of CJ under sail.  Thanks Brian!
Photo: Oops, there she goes!
Photo: Ha ha ha!  And this is a calm day!
Photo: A nice mahi to restock the freezer!
Photo: Niue's flag: I like how this one turned out.
Photo: Because this harbour is unprotected and completely ironshore, dinghy dockage is unusual.  They're plucked right out of the water...
Photo: ...dropped onto this mega-spatula and wheeled into a parking space.  It's a nice setup, really.  You don't have to wear down the bottom dragging it up a beach, worry about tides or have it get banged up at the dock.
Photo: See little Calico Jack?
Photo: Brian is waiting to get his local driver's license -the police station is closed for lunch.  Not surprising that even crime would be civilized enough to break for lunch on this chill, friendly little island!
Photo: Frangipani blooms.  Even after falling off the tree they look and smell great for a long time which is why they're used for decorative purposes throughout these islands, even just a single bloom in the hair.
Photo: We went for dinner and a simple cultural show at this restaurant on our very first evening.
Photo: The spread included coconut crab, cassava root and poisson cru -a ceviche in coconut milk.
Photo: Some traditional dancing
Photo: As we cross the Pacific, we see the differences in the dancing styles from country to country.  Here, it's slower with more intricate hand and finger movements.
Photo: The younger guests getting in on the action.
Photo: The dive companies were all booked up for the few days we were here so we just jumped off our boat -it's great to have all your own equipment!  The water is very clear here because there's no runoff from rivers or streams.  This is a shot of Calico Jack and Little Sparky from below.
Photo: These sea snakes are extremely venemous!
Photo: Luckily, their mouths are too small to take a bite of us.  The local kids play with them.