The Canal Zone
Apr 18, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Massive ships awaiting transit in Colon, the Caribbean side
Photo: This guys is going to lose his security deposit!
Photo: Meanwhile, little Calico Jack is all buttoned up and ready to go.
Photo: Her stalwart crew
Photo: Again, we're small beans compare to what goes in and out of here on a daily basis!  Those are our two buddies in the catamarans ahead.
Photo: We'll tie up on this side.  That's One World in the middle and Grace on the other side.
Photo: We'll go in behind this monster blue boat.  Another equally montrous vessel will be exiting the right hand side, going the other way.
Photo: The big boats are pulled along with "mules", the silver trucks on either side.
Photo: They're on train tracks.
Photo: We pipsqueaks get humans.
Photo: They toss us a "messenger line" from shore.
Photo: That messenger line is then tied to the heavier line we have onboard that we'll actually be using.
Photo: Grace does the same thing on the other side.
Photo: The handler onshore walks the messenger line ahead as we proceed into the lock.
Photo: Once inside, the messenger line is pulled up and the heavier line is fastened to our nest of boats...
Photo: ... and it's cleated off onshore.
Photo: The water roils up from below...