Raiatea & Taha'a, The Society Islands, French Polynesia
Sep 15, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Entering the lagoon of the sister islands: Raitea on the left, with its main town, Uturoa; on the right, Taha'a.  Bora Bora is the peak in the distance, centre.
Photo: At the pass
Photo: Travis and I are always looking for an island to buy.  This might be all we can afford (in French Polynesia?  Probably not, actually!)
Photo: The company we shared in the posh marina.
Photo: The geriatric dock at said marina, or so we fondly dubbed it.  At 41, Calico Jack is a mere sprout compared to Kalua who is a proud 67 years of age!
Photo: Why would you ever again call it "pot" when you could say "pakalolo"?
Photo: We walked to the working boatyard next door to have our propane refilled and spied some beautiful artwork along this catamaran's waterline.
Photo: The beginning of our climb to the top of Tapiohi Hill
Photo: The view at 294 metres.  That's the pass we entered.
Photo: The view to the north overlooks neighbouring Taha'a.
Photo: The airport -we had to radio in again to pass the ends of the runway.
Photo: Pretty weed
Photo: Local characters
Photo: Sorry about the nasty, dirty cow butt.  But isn't the baby cute?
Photo: Off to explore the sister island of Taha'a.  This is one of the few islands where the lagoon allows you to completely circumavigate.  Here, we're passing by Faatao Bay.  If you're thinking it's on fire, you're partly right -the Polynesians burn everything and it's rare to NOT have something smoldering away.  On a few occasions, we've been alarmed by untended fires.
Photo: Haamene Bay
Photo: We anchored near Motu Mahaea for the night.
Photo: Finally, a God Shot with CJ in it!!
Photo: Motu Mahaea by day -we'll snorkel off the south and east sides of it.
Photo: These fishing nets were downright spooky, for some reason!
Photo: Ever hopeful
Photo: A funky sea cucumber