Key West Harbour Services/TowboatUS
May 24, 2009Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: TowBoat Ranger on patrol during the 2008 Powerboat Races, Key West Harbour
Photo: Travis and Scott Greager on lookout...
Photo: ...Got one!  “Popeyes” crashed on Turn 1 and landed upside down.  We flipped her upright, de-watered and towed her back to the dock.
Photo: A local shrimp boat missed the channel and ran aground.  You can see the scars on the bottom from the captain trying to power himself off.
Photo: Unfortunately, the owner had no money to pay for commercial assistance, so the “Santa Lucia” still sits on the bottom today.
Photo: Here we are moving a 2 story houseboat with our small work skiff.  We moved 18 floating homes in preparation for construction of a new dock.
Photo: Here are our new barges doing demolition on the old dock.  We used the crane barge to load the empty barge which then transported all debris to Robbie's Marine for disposal.
Photo: The “Desperado” was being used for migrant smuggling and was loaded with 79 illegals when she sank.  A pocket of air trapped in the bow kept her afloat until we got on scene.
Photo: We used Sub-Salve lift bags to raise her to the surface.
Photo: Once we had the cockpit clear, we could begin pumping all water out of the hull.
Photo: This job took 23 hours from start to finish, most of the time being spent in the water.
Photo: We got her pumped and under tow just after sunrise.  It was a 3 hour tow back to port where she was hauled out at Robbie's Marine on Stock Island.
Photo: TowBoat US “Ranger”  is specially designed for towing and salvage operations.
Photo: “Ace” -a 65ft McGregor that sank after Hurricane Wilma.  I'm patching the holes.  You can see the damage to the dock on the right where the boat was pushed up against it.
Photo: Alexander Marine's crane barge as seen looking forward through the bridge of the tug “Bulldozer”.
Photo: The bridge of the tug “Bulldozer”
Photo: Not a good day's sailing!
Photo: It's always advisable to stay IN the channel...  We had to dredge a 50ft long ditch to float him back into the channel.
Photo: Another Hurricane Wilma casualty.
Photo: A multi-million dollar catamaran sank on the reef in the Gulf of Mexico.  Note the 4ft breaking waves.  That's “Ranger” in the distance.
Photo: Another expensive catamaran, this one destroyed by Hurricane Wilma.
Photo: It floated over the dock and was skewered by its own piling.
Photo: This is what I look like after a hard day at the office.