Panama: The Caribbean Side
Apr 15, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Travis was bound and determined to have a fresh fish dinner for our incoming guests.  As it turns out, we had 2 meals out of this guy!
Photo: Sunrise arrival in the Bocas del Toro Area.  This is the backside of Isla Carenero.
Photo: Rounding the corner, the much more densely populated Bocas Town, on Isla Colon.
Photo: Bocas Town
Photo: Andy is a volunteer fireman in Jasper, so a visit to the station was mandatory!
Photo: Cool old motorcycle!  Or so we thought.  Turns out it's a later model.  Still pretty cool.  It's a Ural.
Photo: We sent Leigh and Andy off with a handheld radio in case they got into any trouble, ha ha!
Photo: Passing Isla Carenero
Photo: Captain Leigh at the helm
Photo: Bastimentos Town, on Isla Bastimentos
Photo: The roaring casino!
Photo: Teddy bear bath day
Photo: The beginning of our "10 minute walk"!
Photo: Nobody mentioned we'd be off-roading!
Photo: Arriving on the other side, almost an hour later!
Photo: Scrub down
Photo: Wizard's Beach, beautiful and untamed
Photo: Coco-pine