Feb 12, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: San Pedro dressed up for Christmas
Photo: My craziest Canuck face
Photo: With anchors like these, I'd sleep soundly EVERY night!  Mind you, we'd need a bigger boat, as they say...
Photo: We missed the chicken drop this time around.  It's like the turtle races except with chickens.  And poop.
Photo: "The Split", Hurricane Hattie's legacy
Photo: The Lazy Lizard at The Split is the rockin' spot.  It's jammin' on Christmas Eve!
Photo: This is the kooky boat that does booze cruises out of the Lazy Lizard.
Photo: At first glance you might think it has a list to starboard, but it you look, you can see that the waterline is right where it should be, it's the structure on top that's cockeyed!
Photo: Sunset on Christmas Eve
Photo: Not bad
Photo: See the guy in the back hand-turning these?  It's Christmas Eve, and these piggies look almost happy to go in our bellies!
Photo: Until you see them at this angle...  Sorry, vegetarians!
Photo: Fun night photos with new camera
Photo: Christmas morning aboard Calico Jack.  We have a Chistmas bear instead of a tree, and of course, the requisite stockings hung with care.
Photo: What would you be doing Christmas Day if you were here?
Photo: Main Street, Caye Caulker
Photo: No need to hide your conch shells, here!  You'd be arrested in Key West!
Photo: For Grandma
Photo: Caye Caulker fire hall