Aitutaki, the Cook Islands
Dec 1, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Flag Etiquette 101.  The flag from one's home country is flown off the back of the boat and varies in size according to the size of the boat.  A "courtesy flag" is the flag of the country you're visiting.  It's 18"x12" for cruising yachts of our sizeish and is hoisted up the righthand side of the boat.  You can imagine how many flags we'll be needing for this trip and some were running up to $85!  So I procured the supplies we'd be needing and I'm making all our own.  This is the first interesting one I got to make (i.e. not just three strips of colour sewn together).
Photo: These islands are very religious and it's actually illegal to do some activities on Sundays (fishing trips, etc.).  It's not stopping the airlines from pumping tourtists in on the Holy Day, though, and it's obviously upsetting the locals because we saw signs like this all over the place (that chicken had better not be laying eggs on a Sunday!).
Photo: What was even more interesting in the front yards were these graves!  All land here is family-owned so there is no crown land for a community cemetery.  Hence, Grandpa and Grandma in the front yard is a common sight.  Cars park beside them, kids play on them and strange mementos are left on them.
Photo: These are more dolled up, but they're the anomaly.
Photo: Aitutaki lawn mower -you just move the goat every day!  They did a pretty good job.
Photo: If you really think about it, why would you need a basin?  So long as you have the tap and a place to put the soap, you're set, right?
Photo: My favourite clams at the Araura Marine Research Station.  Btw, the blue starfish is found only in this part of the world.
Photo: This station operates a breeding program for the giant clam (pahua) and they are shipped out to other locations in an attempt to boost their dwindling populations.
Photo: More varieties of clams
Photo: That's a BIG mouth!  Yes, both of them.
Photo: Breadfruit bomb, or alien invasion?
Photo: Perfection
Photo: The Aitutaki Game Fishing Club had the only bar on the island not aimed at the tourist set and they were happy to welcome us boaters.  If you look closely you'll see the bar in the back  -it's built into a shipping container!
Photo: Just drop that shutter down, and you're closed for the night.  Easy peasy!  This wasn't the only business we saw built into a container and it served them well.  (Photo by Brian Bournival)
Photo: I in the sky (I know, boo).  The moon over the reef behind us.
Photo: Billy Goat Gruff is looking quite intimidating!
Photo: Ok, maybe not so much.
Photo: Ootu Beach on a lovely Sunday afternoon
Photo: Lunch at Tuaonu's with Brian & Richard.  It was not cheap!  But it was good -I had the breadfruit lasagna.