The Yard 2009
Nov 12, 2009Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: CJ hauled out of the water and pressure washed
Photo: The paint, both above and below the waterline, was sanded down to the original barrier coat.  We discovered that the bottom paint had been 2 other colours before the black that it is now!
Photo: Ohhh, she looks so sad!
Photo: The last of the old graphics, registered in Massachusetts
Photo: There were a helluva lot of steps to this fabulous new paint job, however, here is the finished product.  The paint was applied with a roller but they did such an amazing job that it looks sprayed.  Note the gold cove stripe that we've been wanting for years!
Photo: Proofs for our new graphics.  We like how “Tim Burton” it is -check out the detailing.  Furthermore, this isn't a common font.
Photo: Rather than using decals, Raphael will paint on our graphics.
Photo: Ready for paint
Photo: Same on the bow
Photo: Old...
Photo: Sexy new!
Photo: Old...
Photo: ...and new
Photo: The sleek new babe, complete with matching brown dog.