Tahiti, Moorea & Huahine, The Society Islands, French Polynesia
Sep 6, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Good Morning, Tahiti!
Photo: Just paddling past the airport!  We had to radio in to cross each end of the airstrip.
Photo: There were a lot of paddlers out the week we were there, as they were all training for an upcoming competition.
Photo: More common were these single outrigger canoes and they could move like the wind.
Photo: Plus all your foodstuffs from fish and meats to fruits and veggies.  There was an upper floor, too, with plenty more of the touristy-type stuff, and even a tattoo artist.
Photo: Papeete's main market featuring all manner of handcrafts from basketware and textiles to wood carvings and jewelry; there were also plenty of local soaps, oils and jams; and of course, the requisite vanilla products.
Photo: Outside, the ladies fashion the local headdress.
Photo: Stunning!
Photo: Laundry day at Calico Jack
Photo: Birthday Happy Hour at Marina Taina
Photo: My Happy Birthday Choir...
Photo: ...in 3 languages!  English, Swedish and Danish.
Photo: Ben & Sara
Photo: Joe & Liz
Photo: Panamanian Rum for a Tahiti Birthday.  Add one Swedish flag, plus a candle that sings "happy b-day" and you're all set!
Photo: We all suffer from an affliction called "Sailor's Midnight".  Unfortunately for partygoers, it happens around 9pm.  You might remember a photo from back in Nuku Hiva with our friend, Henrik, asleep in our cockpit.  Apparently, our narcoleptic friend has been doing this since long before he was a sailor, though.  So, falling asleep in random places has been dubbed "Pulling a Henrik".
Photo: The Double Henrik -that's Henrik himself on the right.
Photo: Whooooaaaaa!!!  Almost captured the elusive Triple Henrik on camera!!
Photo: The famous Tahitian girl adorns the label of the local beer.
Photo: The only beer I've ever seen Travis drink!  It's been documented.
Photo: This does not officially qualify as a Triple Henrik, since none of them are actually sleeping.  Just setting the groundrules, here.
Photo: Bougainville Park, downtown Papeete