The Bay Islands of Honduras
Feb 27, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Dolphins!
Photo: Cayo Ranguana
Photo: Utila truly is a blessed place!
Photo: Main street
Photo: Hummingbird
Photo: Public beach
Photo: The kids painted the fence at the elementary school.
Photo: Diggin' these seahorse fences!
Photo: Apparently not THAT soon!
Photo: The east side has some beautiful homes.  I, however, choose to take a photo is this back door.  It's pretty cool.
Photo: Heading north along the coastline, the homes thin out.  It got pretty muddy in here!
Photo: The landscape gets thick, humid & jungly.
Photo: !
Photo: The top end of the muddy trail spit us out near the airport.  Sadly, there were cars here.  CJ gets no respect.
Photo: You gotta wonder what the big deal is, though, since these are pretty much the only residents of CJ street!
Photo: Yes, I know horses bite!  I had my eye on him!!
Photo: Our shoes were so caked with red mud that we thought towing them behind the boat would help.