Aug 20, 2014Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: The harbour at Neiafu, the Vava'u Group
Photo: Just strolling down the street like any other citizen
Photo: Why did the pig..... oh, never mind.  Very little traffic for it, though -this is Main Street!
Photo: A sight for sore eyes after the slim pickings in Niue!
Photo: Our friend's little cousin :(  Nothing tastier than a pig on a stick, though!
Photo: When people ask us which boat we're on, we always say, "The pretty one."  Might have had some competition here, though...
Photo: ...
Photo: Jam Night with Billy at the Bounty Bar
Photo: Goodbye Neiafu...
Photo: ...hello Port Morelle!  Everything is only a hop/skip away in this island group.
Photo: Port Morelle was one of our favourites.
Photo: A healthy example of a pandanus tree.  Across the Pacific, the locals use this for weaving the thatch for their walls and much more.
Photo: Hunting for shells at low tide
Photo: Sizeable!
Photo: Where's Waldo?
Photo: Here is is.  Did you spot him in the last photo? He's cleverly camouflaged.
Photo: Port Morelle at sunset
Photo: Getting the fire going for the BBQ
Photo: It's a long way from the anchorage for a 2hp motor!
Photo: Swallow's Cave: totally worth it.