Fixit Clinic LIV (#54) - Oakland Public Library
Jun 22, 2013Public
Photo: No, not the line for the Fixit Clinic, but for getting lunch for the Fixit Coaches at Bake Sale Betty's, diagonally across the street from the Temescal Branch of the Oakland Public Library
Photo: Fix #1, DVD player, one thumb up
Photo: She's ironing out her problems
Photo: Fixed! Huzzah!
Photo: One of today's participants locked herself out of her car: in the true spirit of Fixit Clinic camaraderie another participant had a "Slim Jim" and went to the parking lot to unlock it...
Photo: Success! Unfortunately, it turned out the be the wrong car, so we discreetly re-locked it and slunk away.
Photo: Unfortunately, replacing the battery in this iPhone didn't fix it.
Photo: Cleaning the lens on this DVD player's laser got it working again
Photo: A duct tape repair -- finally!
Photo: Steve provides carry-out service
Photo: She had put the frowny face on the mixer awhile back when it stopped working...
Photo: ... So it only seemed appropriate to put a smiley face on it now that it's fixed
Photo: We couldn't fix the clock but she likes the clock face, so we encouraged her to find a new mechanism
Photo: This digital TV converter looks complicated...
Photo: ... But we could visually see a swollen capacitor (middle of the photo, just under the yellow tape), let's try replacing that.
Photo: Replacing the capacitor works! This time two thumbs up.
Photo: Norma's printer had a stubborn piece of paper hidden deep in the printer, removing it fixed it.
Photo: Cleaning a carbonized contact in the thermostat of this toaster oven seemed to fix it, he's checking the temperature on a thermometer inside.