Disney's Animal Kingdom
Nov 15, 2011Public
Photo: Disney's Animal Kingdom is so lush with foliage, the colors just pop. The Tree of Life, which houses It's Tough To Be A Bug, is lush and green and 100% man made. There are many details that should be observed from up close.
Photo: Tree of Life
Photo: Simba Arrives
Photo: Tiger
Photo: On Disney's Animal Kingdom's Safari, you are taken past Flamingo Island. It was a beautiful morning and my sister snapped this shot of the birds wading in the water.
Photo: Bald Eagle

Another shot.

I have edited this photo a bit. Cropping in enhancing the colors and contrast.
Photo: Singing Parrot
Photo: Miko appears

The little Raccoon comes out, picks up a flower and then runs off. Amazing how they are trained.

This is a lousy photo taken from a good distance on a cheap camera. So sadly, the quality is never going to be that good. But since this show is now gone, I will never be able to get new ones.