2007 TAPAS Nature Walk
Feb 20, 2007Public
Photo: Common guys. Let's start our morning walk!
Photo: Thank God! no rain. Tt's a wonderful day for a walk!
Photo: You know it's very interesting here. You watch carefully, then you can see some rare animals or birds or ...
Photo: This is a Zigzag walk on the reservoir.
Photo: What are you looking at?
Photo: Yes, a tortoise is here! There are many tortoises in this reservoir.
Photo: Why are you laughing our teachers, Alice and Nidhi? Hum, you are really having a nice time.
Photo: A short break here.
Photo: A bit of Jungle Trail?
Photo: Our tiny nursery child is also walking with mum.
Photo: See, see! What is that?
Photo: Oh, it's a Monitor Lizard!
Photo: Baby too has completed her walk with dad and mum!
Photo: Siddhartha, are you ok. A little more walk then we will have a nice breakfast.
Photo: Hi, pose. We have almost completed the walk.
Photo: At last breakfast time!
Photo: Our breakfast was yummy and voluminous too.