2010 County Finals - Day 3
Sep 22, 2010Public
Photo: Dumfries -shire line up their putt at the 17th
Photo: The Rain is on
Photo: The 17th
Photo: Clare- Marie and Alyson are winners
Photo: Megan to the 18th
Photo: Congrats all round
Photo: Watching the last game
Photo: Liz fires in to the 18th
Photo: Dumfries-shire fires in
Photo: We win on the 18th
Photo: Well done
Photo: Eileen with Liz and Carol
Photo: Midlothian and Angus Morning Foursomes
Photo: Well done
Photo: Anabel thinks she is at St Andrews !
Photo: The Afternoon Singles
Photo: Clare- Marie is out at No. 1 -- Last game for Renfrewshire
Photo: Lots of Cheers and applause
Photo: Clare- Marie tees off
Photo: Team Coach Lesley MacKay gives some advice
Photo: Trish gets out her sun screen