0480 Helambu Langtang
May 1, 2011Public
Photo: Base Camp Resort in Sundarijal (1350m), at the start of the Helambu trek
Photo: Flowers in Sundarijal
Photo: Emily in Sundarijal
Photo: The trail climbs up beside the enormous water pipe that supplies Kathmandu with drinking water from a reservoir inside Shivapuri National Park
Photo: A curious dam in Shivapuri National Park that looks like a clockwork prop from the movie Wild Wild West
Photo: Shivapuri National Park
Photo: Farmers at Mulkharka (1800m)
Photo: Lyngve with the map
Photo: Emily reaching the pass at Borlang Bhanjyang (2440m), but a cow blocks her way
Photo: Looking down the other side of the pass towards Chisopani
Photo: Thumbs up for crossing the first pass on the Helambu trek
Photo: Views of Helambu
Photo: Emily arrives Chisopani (2140m)
Photo: Emily in Chisopani
Photo: Emily comtemplating Helambu and Langtang at the rooftop of our lodge in Chisopani
Photo: Kids in Chisopani
Photo: Emily arriving Pati Bhanjyang (1770m)
Photo: Views down the valley from Pati Bhanjyang (1770m)
Photo: Lyngve in front of an old house along the trail to Chipling
Photo: Rice terraces in Chipling (2170m)
Photo: Lyngve in the last uphill to the Lapchu Danda pass (2420m)
Photo: Lyngve in Lapchu Danda
Photo: Emily at the pass in Lapchu Danda (2420m)
Photo: Lyngve sitting next to a white chorten in Thotong (2260m)