0235 Xegar to Tingri via Everest BC
Mar 12, 2009Public
Photo: Jardar is ready to leave Old Xegar
Photo: Kids in Old Xegar
Photo: Backpacker girls on their jeep journey from Kathmandu to Lhasa
Photo: Here we are leaving Friendship Highway again, this time in direction Pang la pass and Mount Everest BC
Photo: Having lunch before the Pang la pass
Photo: Tibetans below the Pang la pass
Photo: We have started the uphills to Pang la pass
Photo: Endless switchbacks on the road to Pang la pass
Photo: Lyngve on top of Pang la pass (5160m). Mount Everest is not visible because of clouds.
Photo: Pang la pass (5160m)
Photo: Jardar at Pang la pass (5160m)
Photo: Camping just below Pang la pass, our highest situated campsite so far at approx 5100m elevation
Photo: Digging a ditch in the tent in order to get the water away, and preventing the sleeping area from being soaked up
Photo: A very late morning at Pang la pass (5160m), because of heavy rain
Photo: Too many switchbacks to really enjoy the downhills, but we had fun anyway down from Pang la pass
Photo: The road descending from Pang la pass
Photo: Back in civilization again after a day and night at the Pang la pass
Photo: Ruins along the road to Everest BC
Photo: Sigbjørn in front of the ruins
Photo: A junction and a sign to Old Tingri, but first we had to visit Everest BC
Photo: Arriving Tashi Dzom, one of the larger settlements along the road to Everest
Photo: A small village along the Everest road
Photo: Daily life on the northside of Everest
Photo: Few signs of Mount Everest, but there were at least some lower peaks visible