0305 Cho Oyu
Mar 13, 2009Public
Photo: Departure from Marshyangdi Hotel, Kathmandu
Photo: Kids in a village east of Kathmandu
Photo: Nepali girl
Photo: Nepali boys
Photo: Landslide south of Zangmu
Photo: River crossing south of Zangmu
Photo: Truck congestion in Zangmu, because of a landslide north of the town. The road was closed for 2-3 days.
Photo: Tibetan horse cart in Nyalam
Photo: Chris is sat-phoning Stu in Nyalam
Photo: Surech and Greg in Nyalam
Photo: Landscape between Nyalam and Tingri
Photo: Lyngve at Lalung-la (5050m) between Nyalam and Tingri
Photo: Jeeps at Lalung-la (5050m)
Photo: Tingri and then Cho Oyu beyond the dirty town
Photo: Surech on a day hike outside of Tingri. Cho Oyu can be seen behind the tents.
Photo: Cho Oyu in the horizon
Photo: Lyngve has hiked to a mountain top (approx 5000m) outside of Tingri
Photo: Tibetan herdsman outside of Tingri
Photo: Cho Oyu (8201 m) by sunset
Photo: Jacob and Greg are pitching tents in Chinese Base Camp (4900m)
Photo: Playing ball in Chinese BC. One easily get short of breath when playing at this altitude (4900m)
Photo: Cho Oyu from Chinese BC
Photo: A beautiful morning in Chinese BC
Photo: Cho Oyu as seen from Chinese BC