Wedding Cakes
Oct 15, 2011Public
Photo: 4- Tier Rounds w/Rhinestones (135 Servings)
Photo: 4- Tier Squares w/ribbon (172 servings)
Photo: 4-Tier Squares w/Ribbon (172 servings)
Photo: 3-Tier Square Fondant twist w/ribbon (164 servings)
Photo: 5 Tier Round Fondant w/ fondant roses (145 servings)
Photo: 5-Tier Round Fondant w/Rhinestones and Fondant Drape (145 servings)
Photo: 3-Tier Square Fondant Offset w/dots
Photo: Classic 3-Tier Buttercream with buttercream Swags
Photo: 4-Tier Squares Offset w/asst. patterns
Photo: 4-Tier Round Scrolled Elegance (135 servings)
Photo: 4-Tier Squares w/ monogramed tier
Photo: Classic Beauty - Multi Tiered Cake
Photo: Multi-Tiered Rounds
Photo: 3-Tier Square Fondant w/double ribbon wrap
Photo: 5-Tier square (180 servings)
Photo: 3-Tier Square Fondant w/ double ribbon wrap
Photo: 5-Tier Fondant wedding dress replica w/rhinestones and fondant draping
Photo: 4-Tier Square Fondant w/ribbon wrap and scroll
Photo: 3-Tier Round w/Tall Pillars
Photo: 3-Tier Round w/constant scroll
Photo: 3-Tier Squares on independant stands
Photo: 4-Tier Squares w/Tall pillars and ribbon wrap
Photo: 4-Tier squares on varied height independant stands
Photo: 3-Tier squares w/tall pillars