NEAT IX - The Nineth-one Cometh
Jun 13, 2016Public
Photo: My Thunderbolt's straffe Chris R's Marines in the opening match.
Photo: The beach is this way brothers!
Photo: Anthony's IG ready for their Epic debut.
Photo: BerzerkerMonkey's FightaBomba's giving it to Jimmy's Phoenix.
Photo: Deep within the secret painting laboratories of Karl, Destroyer of Breadsticks, this monstrousity was born. Some 85ish +4d6 infantry stands...
Photo: Complete with Blood Hot Tub!
Photo: Moscovian (Bill) decided to bring a mostly painted army this year after last year's "Best Paint Trophey".
Photo: Stormtrooper's (Ron) Warlord.
Photo: Returning champion Coach brought his Black Legion back. They faced a first round upset against Dwarf Supreme's (Tim) Knights.
Photo: Brad's Decimators hit the Speed Strips to go faster.
Photo: They face off against CaptPiett's (Matt) Black Legion.
Photo: Chris's Assault Marines work over my Devastators.
Photo: Pinch party!
Photo: Right this way children...
Photo: Tim's Knights beating the Coach down. Tim won the "Rising Star" award for going 3-0 this year after taking home the Dice of Dave last year.
Photo: The Lancers have some Khorne in their rear.
Photo: Convoy!
Photo: Direct Fire Salt Shakers = Hell Cannons
Photo: Karl had a two part plan: move foward, kill stuff.
Photo: Pinching stuff was aloud as well.
Photo: Eric's BTS ready to roll.