engine bay and suspension assembly, February-March 2013
Mar 20, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: NOS voltage regulator
Photo: brake/clutch master cylinder and battery tray installation
Photo: air filter housing installation
Photo: grille installation
Photo: fender installation
Photo: OEM cork valve cover gasket and correct 1st series valve cover
Photo: the engine was fully rebuilt
Photo: tubing for central lubrication system
Photo: front suspension, steering and brakes with all new components
Photo: K22-i carburetor after restoration and zinc-plating
Photo: air cleaner housing with oil bath
Photo: the engine with compression tester. Note the central lubrication cylinder on the left side of the firewall
Photo: second-stage oil filter housing
Photo: horns were taken apart and restored
Photo: NOS ignition wires
Photo: oiler can, specific to 1st series cars only
Photo: original paint for the valve color was dark blue
Photo: correct decals