body assembly, March 2013
Mar 20, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: every clamp on the fuel filler neck is new and correct
Photo: note the star-shape lock washers, specific to the car
Photo: tail light base plate
Photo: rotary door locks
Photo: all the body lines are aligned
Photo: proper fitment of the grille took almost a week
Photo: lights check
Photo: headlights hook-up
Photo: new original door glasses were installed
Photo: grille assembly
Photo: body gaps adjustment
Photo: radiator support assembly
Photo: new shiny coat of paint
Photo: trunk lid hinges fitment
Photo: front fender and rear door will be adjusted for proper fitment
Photo: factory decals
Photo: radiator mask
Photo: body gaps are perfect!
Photo: original door handles
Photo: fuel tank sender installation
Photo: original door light switch
Photo: rear door lock detail
Photo: all locks are new
Photo: spare tire holder