insulation, upholstery, glass, February-March 2013
Mar 20, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: every part was painted
Photo: door opening piping
Photo: roof upholstery
Photo: sound-proof insulation is one of very few modern additions to the original car
Photo: high-quality sound proof mats were used
Photo: factory manual was always within the reach
Photo: second paint color was applied to the roof and rear quarter panels
Photo: one door glass is done, 3 more to go
Photo: seats were re-upholstered in a correct material
Photo: original reproduction upholstery
Photo: dashboard assembly
Photo: this period-correct material was used for the door opening piping
Photo: NOS windshield
Photo: export chrome molding on the back glass
Photo: front seat is installed
Photo: and the back seat too
Photo: beautiful 3-tone door panels
Photo: new reproduction door sill plates