before restoration, 2007
Mar 20, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: after 50 years, the car starts it's very long journey to St. Petersburg and then, 5 years later, to America
Photo: the chrome looks fine and well-kept
Photo: the air filter housing is incorrect and will be replaced
Photo: the body is very straight and solid
Photo: even unrestored, the car draws a lot of interest
Photo: very rare watch with RED handles, was installed on earliest production cars
Photo: Dmitri Aleshin--the buyer and the restoration project manager, well-known Volga expert from St. Petersburg.
Thank you for finding the car and giving it the second life.
Photo: Lenin's monument in Elektrostal. In this city the car spent all of it's life
Photo: The seller (son of the original owner).
Thank you for keeping the car in such great condition all these years.