Sarve Hut's Visitors
Dec 29, 2009Public
Photo: Pool Side
Photo: Shri Adrushya Swamiji,KadSidheshwar Math,Kolhapur visits Sarve Huts
Photo: Sarve Huts for its Great Location that India Says YES
Photo: Sarve Huts celebrating Diwali
Photo: Visit of Shri Todkar Maharaj at Sarve Huts to Bless
Photo: Sarvehuts view from Kashid beach side
Photo: Sorry! wear Swimming suite, take a shower then only take a dip
Photo: Drinks are not allowed in the Pool
Photo: Garden View
Photo: Room Interior of Sarve Huts
Photo: Kashid Beach from Sarve Huts End
Photo: Fansad Abhayaranya from Sarve Hut's window
Photo: Lust Nature
Photo: Machan
Photo: Kashid Beach
Photo: Beach Top view
Photo: Kashid Beach
Photo: Kashid beach evening
Photo: Pool top view from 1st floor window
Photo: Table Tennis
Photo: Indo-Us group at Sarve Huts in Mansoon
Photo: Relax by ICICI group
Photo: Tempting to eat first