Meandering in Marin Album 3
Mar 4, 2009Public
Photo: Baby Blue Eyes (Taken last year at same location) (T. Fisher)
Photo: Pre-Hike "Roundtable"
Photo: Starting Out
Photo: Bolinas Bay Overlook
Photo: Fuzzy Trees
Photo: Parson's Pond
Photo: Turkey Vultures Soar Over Parson's Pond
Photo: Turning On To Zumie's Loop
Photo: View Across Bolinas Lagoon
Photo: Douglas Iris Blooms
Photo: "Arthritic" Tree, Zumie's Loop Trail
Photo: Under The Redwoods
Photo: Walking Across A Redwood Carpet, Zumie's Loop Trail
Photo: So, Is This One Ok To Eat?
Photo: Tree of Many Arms
Photo: "Striped" Redwood
Photo: Water Rushing To The Sea
Photo: Fern Lined Stream
Photo: Junction, Zumie's and Griffin Loop Trails
Photo: Meet Mr. Newt!
Photo: Wendy Holds Mr. Newt
Photo: Creek Crossing Cooperation
Photo: Ferns Along The Griffin Loop Trail
Photo: Plant Stop Along The Griffin Loop Trail