Yang Su's Xishuangbanna Trip 2011 LV
Jun 24, 2011Public
Photo: After lunch, we start our tea journey. The first stop is Nan Nou Mountain.
Photo: The local Nan Nuo Mountain Farmer's Market. The native farmers sell their extra produce, including puer tea.
Photo: Tea trees are part of their life. They grow up together.
Photo: We pass through Nan Nuo Mountain Village on our way to see Nan Nuo Mountain.
Photo: Thanks to Ms. Zhang for setting up this wonderful tea trip.
Photo: The Tong Qing Hao teacakes are all stone pressed.
Photo: Drink: After eating we return to the Tong Qing Hao owners' house for more tea tasting.
Photo: When we return, the rain doesn't stop so they make a fresh umbrella for me.
Photo: Finally we reach the 800-year-old tea tree. They say this is a good producing tree because it can produce 4 to 5 kilos of raw tea on the first pick. In a second the guide scampers up the tree to show us how to climb it. I eat the fresh puer tea leaf. It is extremely bitter and I have to spit it out! After a while, my throat tastes sweet. The sweetness lasts for hours. This shows that the tea quality is excellent.
Photo: As we go up the mountain the tea trees become older and bigger.
Photo: The rain weather doesn't get better but we decide to continue.
Photo: It is raining so hard. This tree is the only place we can find to seek shelter. We discuss whether we should continue the trip to see the oldest ancient trees on Youle Mountain. Our guides don't appear to be worried but privately they are concerned about our safety.
Photo: The weather suddenly changes. A big storm is coming.
Photo: A lot of tea trees grow on the steep slope. This tree trunk serves as a ladder to pick the leaves.
Photo: The tea trees are shrouded in mist.
Photo: Beautiful colors in the tea forest.
Photo: At the end of April there is still new growth.
Photo: After a steep climb I take a break near this 500-year-old puer tea tree.