Yunnan China Trip
Jul 31, 2007Public
  Yang Su and Larry's journey started in Kunming, China.  The manager of the factory drove us 13 hours east to the tea factory in the remote mountains of Feng Qing.
Photo: Schoolboys we met along the way.
Photo: Enroute to the tea factory in Feng Qing.  The journey takes us through many mountains such as these.
Photo: A natural mountain spring.  The water is very pure.
Photo: Enroute to see the oldest tea tree in the world.
Photo: This puer tea tree is reported to be the oldest tea tree in the world, at about 3750 years old.
Photo: Some of our tea trees in the foreground.  These trees are about eighty years old.  They live in a very natural forest environment.
Photo: This tea tree is about eighty years old.
Photo: A puer tea tree used to make our tea.
Photo: This leaf is as big as Larry's hand.  The younger leaves are used to make tea.
Photo: Our pesticide-free puer is sometimes eaten by the insects. Here is another sign of life among the tea.
Photo: Sometimes insects find our tea tasty too.
Photo: Yang Su holding what is used to make the one sprout two leaves green puer.
Photo: This is one of our tea trees.  It is over one hundred years old.
Photo: These tea trees are over one hundred years old.  They have been cropped lower to make it easier to pick the leaves.
Photo: Another natural insect repelling tree found among our tea trees.
Photo: Picking tea on a slope.