Jun 28, 2007Public
Photo: Note the high water marks from past years, and the river in the background
Photo: Starting off
Photo: The SBA paddlers begin
Photo: Limestone
Photo: Sharon in the spring
Photo: Limestone rocks separate the spring from the river
Photo: Edwin
Photo: Jennifer
Photo: Approaching the first suspension bridge in Florida
Photo: A simple and elegant two-lane bridge
Photo: The towers pivot for heavy loads
Photo: The way this tree grew around the trailer was pretty cool
Photo: We had the river to ourselves
Photo: This spring was pretty popular
Photo: Jennifer prepares for her first rope swing
Photo: She's in the air!
Photo: Heading out to the river
Photo: The source of the spring was deep down here
Photo: Getting ready to swim through to the larger pool
Photo: It's a short dive
Photo: Even Mick can do it
Photo: Sharon starting her dive
Photo: The hole wasn't far from the bigger pool