Apr 27, 2011Public
Photo: the cabins at Oleta have beds for four, and A/C
Photo: they're cozy and perfect for us
Photo: outside the cabin, with Miami condos in the distance
Photo: 14 of these cabins are the only camping at the park
Photo: shade and a swinging chair
Photo: the campground have a break in the mangroves for launching or swimming
Photo: putting in by the campground
Photo: mangroves and Australian pines
Photo: Sharon in her element
Photo: some boats moored at the park
Photo: impressive boats in the park, Miami in the distance
Photo: Sharon wends her way
Photo: a quiet bay
Photo: the intracoastal
Photo: the fishing dock at Oleta
Photo: Oleta coastline
Photo: nature and big buildings
Photo: across the intracoastal, oceanfront condos
Photo: australian pines are invasive, but lovely
Photo: juxtaposition