Mar 16, 2009Public
Photo: Zebras... Running away from us
Photo: Some ostrich just hanging out.  Very strange  birds
Photo: More sleeping lions...
Photo: Huge herd of buffalo
Photo: Mother and baby (about 3 years old)
Photo: Giraffe
Photo: A couple lions just hanging out in the shade.
Photo: Oh, he's awake for a moment...
Photo: Hippos... They are fat... a few alligators were floating about as well
Photo: Elephants everywhere...
Photo: Sunset over the Masai Mara from our lodge (Hut)
Photo: Our only Cheeta sighting
Photo: Our only Black Rhino sighting.  Black rhinos are more unpredictable and shy compared to the white rhinos.
Photo: Flimingos.... only about 50,000 compared to the hoped for 2,000,000.  Now that would have been a sight.
Photo: Holly trying to get an accurate count...
Photo: The white rhino.  A bit more layed back.  He was just chilling in the shade.
Photo: Our second Lepeord spotting.  This time much closer though.
Photo: Jon after his new hair cut... #62.  The only hair style on the chart that did not require just buzzing everything off.
Photo: Following some elephants
Photo: Holly and I did a bit of a side trip to a big crator one evening... bumpy ride... by the time we got there this is all we saw.
Photo: Our ride...
Photo: Large Stork at Nkuru Lake