May 15, 2009Public
Photo: First Known annual for Forrest City High School
Note it is "The Arrow", and the sports teams were the Monarchs. Later on they changed to "The Corral" and the Mustangs. No annuals found from 1929 thru 1946 due to the depression, and World War II. First annual after war is in 1947.
Photo: Note, the Central School used to be the Crowley Ridge Institute and the high school before the High School shown here was built in 1915. They both had grads from High School for some more years after 1915.
Photo: Senior Class Officers:Nannie Hine-Sect/Treas/Ross Sanders-Pres/Edna Scott-Vice Pres/Virginia Hine-Reporter/Others:William Anderson/Louise Aydelott/
Photo: Stella Batts/Hugh Devereaux/Flora Cox/Jim Edgar/Virginia Izard/Jessie Lacefield
Photo: Murray Lancaster/Ossie Lammers/Newton Landers/Harry Neblett/Taylor Pyle/J.T.Sanders, Jr.
Photo: Bruce Smith/Mabel Malouf/John H.Tipton/Margaret Johnson/Virgil Vandiver/Vivian Nolen/Clement Walker
Photo: Junior Class Officers:Johnnye Mae Tankersley-Pres/Elizabeth McLain-Vice Pres/Mildred Hodges-Sect/Treas/Jim Gwyn Sanders-Reporter/Grace Sheffield-Sponsor
Photo: Juniors:Ash/Buford/Brantley/Christian/Ferrell/Ferguson/Hodges/(2) Houston/Johnson/(2) Moore/McClain/Nail/Neil/New/Norfleet/Runyon/(2)Sanders/(2) Smith/Staton/Taylor/Tankersley/Whitted/Whittenton
Photo: Football Team:J.Edgar-Left End/V.Vandiver-Left Tackle/J.Lanier-Left Guard/H.Neblett-Center/G.B.Moore-Right Guard/C.Walker-Right End/N.Brantley-Qtrback/B.Smith-Left Half/N.Landers-Full Back/E.Nail-Right Half/Subs:A.French/J.Ferrell/E.Moore/M.Lancaster/R.Sanders