From 1905 Forrest City Times Supplement
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Photo: Havens, Will-1910ca
Photo: FCHS Champions from Forrest City 1920 Baseball Team-Left to Right-Standing:Bugs Hinton/Scott/Sigler-Siting:Frenchy/Herschell Bobo/Red Andrews/Sunshine Wilford Thompson/ and Sweet Haven's luckpiece, Charles N.Haven Jr.
Photo: FCHS 1933-34 Champion Football Team
Photo: Capt.Abner Beard-1814 to 1872
The son of Jabez Beard and Sally Wilkes. He was a successful plantation and mill owner in Gill, Arkansas, but lost most of his holdings in the Civil War. He died of pneumonia and was buried in the family cemetery at Gill. Some years later his son-in-law, Judge E. D. Robertson (who was married to Abner's only daughter - Ethel Beard) and his grandson Abner Robertson moved his remains to the Confederate Cemetery at Helena. (Bio submitted by Edward Beard) 
Maple Hill Cemetery 
Phillips County
Arkansas, USA
Plot: Confederate Section 
Created by: Debbra
Photo: Contractor who built the 1897 St.Francis Courthouse, and many other buildings including the Walker Apartments in Forrest City, Arkansas
Photo: 1.Lawrence F. Jr. and Novella M., aged 4 months, twins of Mr.& Mrs.L.F.Williams of Colt;2.Reullura, b. 9-23,1903-of Mr.& Mrs.W.R.Ferguson;3.James E., b. 8-18,1901-Son of Mr.& Mrs.L.E.Davenport;4.Frank G., b.1-14,1900-Son of Capt.& Mrs.T.C.Merwin;5.Inez M., b.8-9,1901-of Mr.& Mrs.Geo.E.Hancock;6.Rebecca, b.3-14,1905-of Mr.& Mrs.J.T.Sanders;7.Marion L., b.9-12,1903-of Mr.& Mrs.J.E.Wydick;8.Harry M., b.4-29,1904-Son of Mr.& Mrs.W.T.Sanders;9.Robert, b.10-4,1900-Son of Mr.& Mrs.R.S.Stevens;10.Murray, b.5-6,1905-Son of Mr.& Mrs.M.C.Hambleton;11.Percy H.Jr., b.12-25,1904-Son of Mr.& Mrs.Percy H.Barker;12.Ada L., b.9-1,1903-of John W.Alderson;13.Sidney McD., b.6-6,1897-Son S.B.Trapp, Jr.;14.Thomas B., b.7-28,1904-Son H.R.Neblett;15.Norma V., b.6-1, 1902-D.of R.E.Sellers;16.James P., b.12-31,1901-Son F.W.DeRossitt;17.Frances L., b.2-23,1904-D. of Mr.& Mrs.Ellis Turley;18.John L. Jr., b.12-25,1903-Son J.L.Jelks, Memphis;19.Mildred, b.12-21,1899-D.of Mrs.Mollie Hancock;20.Frances M., b.2-22,1902-D.of Dr.& Mrs.J.O.Rush.
Photo: Barrow, T.W.-Merchant hardware and groceries
Photo: Becker, Alexander and Lewis, Charles F. b.1862 d.1927
Firm of Becker & Lewis (Large Mercantile Firm)
Photo: Bell, John C.-Postmaster at Forrest City eff.April 1898
Photo: Fussell, Berry and Alice, thanks to Alice Kennedy Lee
Photo: Nimocks, Bob
Photo: Bond, Scott-Planter/Early Millionaire of St.Francis County
Son of a slave
Photo: Boyle, Arthur D.-Telegraph Operator of Forrest City Cotton Exchange
Photo: Bradshaw, Sidney Ernest-M.A.,Ph.D.-Professor of Modern Language, Furman University at Greenville, S.Carolina
Photo: Brown, John R.
Photo: Trapp, Sydenham B. Jr.-Operates S.B.Trapp, Jr. & Co. and Large Farm In Bonair
Photo: Buford, Edwin J.
Photo: O'Brien, Thomas-1910 ca
Photo: Cobbs, Paul M.-Forrest City Cemetery

30th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Organized on June 18, 1862, Assigned to McRae's Brigade, Hindman's Division, January through February of 1863. Reassigned to Tappan's Brigade under MG Sterling Price in April, 1863 where the regiment fought in the Battle of Helena and in the defense of Little Rock on September 10, 1863. Retreated with Price into southwestern Arkansas, where the regiment was consolidated with the 32nd Arkansas Infantry in December, 1863. Fought throughout the Camden Campaign and at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. Consolidated again with Dawson's Infantry Regiment in April, 1864. Remained in service in southwestern Arkansas until surrendered with MG Kirby Smith's army on May 26, 1865.

Officers: Col. Archibald J. McNeill. Field Officers: Lt. Col. Casten W. Baldwin; Maj. (later Lt. Col.) Paul M. Cobbs; Maj. Martin Dawson; Lt. Col (later Col.) Robert A. Hart; Maj. Joseph C. Martin; Maj. (later Lt. Col and Col.) James W. Rogan.
Photo: Campbell, Donald-Class of 1958