Maps of the Pogamasing Area
Feb 10, 2011Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: A regional map showing where Pog is situated in the Spanish River watershed with important places and their purpose: the beavers represent the location of the HBC post; the wigwams, the important Anishnabe places; the railway crossing signs, the CP stops. (more of the origin of this map later)
Photo: However, the history of maps of the region goes back over 300 years. The Natives of the area never made maps as they didn't need them. The French were the first to make maps, most notably Champlain in 1615. This one was made by Nicholas Sanson in 1667 of New France ...
Photo: and with a close-up of North Shore.
Photo: This is another French Map of North Shore that I found at the Clerque and Ermatinger Heritage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie.
Photo: John McBean map of Hudson's Bay Lake Huron District, 1826 (Hudson's Bay Archives)
Photo: Ontario map of North Shore, date uncertain
Photo: This is an 1863 map of the North Shore found in the Ontario Archives.
Photo: CPR building schedule, 1884 from Omer Lavallee's book "Van Horne's Road".
Photo: CPR line after completion (Ontario Archives)
Photo: Mile 36 of the 41 mile survey done by Proudfoot (1884) crossing the CP line and touching Dead Horse Bay (MNR)
Photo: Robert Bell's map of Pogamasing, 1889, drawn form a canoe in two days (National Archives)
Photo: Map of Burnt Territory, 1891 (Ontario Archives)
Photo: Survey of West Pogamasing Timber Berth, 1892 by A. J. Whitson (Ontario Archives)
Photo: Elihu Stewart's survey of townships along the CPR 1892 (MNR)
Photo: Charlton Limit Timber Limit , 1903 (MNR)
Photo: Charlton Timber Limit, (MNR) - created after 1911 as it shows the townships created by the Code brothers of Cobalt, ON
Photo: Ontario Lands and Forest map circa 1930
Photo: CPR map of Wye, 1930 (MNR)
Photo: Flourite's name change (map unknown, found in a book)
Photo: Survey map of Munro Siding circa 1920 (MNR)
Photo: 1926 survey by L.V. Rourke before new concrete dam built (MNR)
Photo: Map of Little Pog area in1929
Photo: Survey of Wye Mill site, 1930, although name was changed in 1917 (Confusion of name for CP stop continued up to the 1950 when Bill Hammond asked for a ticket to Sheahan was told it was called Wye.)
Photo: Jim Oliver's map of Wye, 1932, drawn in 2007