Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College, Winchester, 09 April 2016, Part 1
Jul 13, 2016Public
Photo: 001 Welcome to Narrow Gauge South! Mark Davies and Arthur Budd on the first morning meet and greet shift
Photo: 002 John Read and John Newton manning the entrance desk shortly before opening time .
Photo: 003 First arrivals on their way in .
Photo: 004 1st stop, spotlighting a selection of the traders that do so much to support the specialist aspect of our hobby. Here is Steve Bennett, proprietor of the Black Dog and Black Cat 7mm and Gn15 range of resin kits and accessories .
Photo: 005 Members of the Small & Delightful Group, based around the Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury region rallied round to support Howard Martin, who has been seriously ill and was in hospital at the time of NGS, with Howard’s 7mm scale Avalon Lines resin kits. I’m pleased to report that by early May, Howard was back at home and in recovery, which we all hope continues .
Photo: 006 Allen Law, on the left, with his Minimum Gauge Models – mainly supporting the miniature railway fans who model in 7mm scale, 09, with a comprehensive range of etched brass kits .
Photo: 007 Another very popular 7mm scale model manufacturer, Kevin Trim’s Dorset Kits .
Photo: 008 Over to the 009 side of the hobby, we meet members of the Greenwich Society who have kept the range of ex Meridian models available or under re-issue. Neil Moss, Pete Wilson and Neil Sayer .
Photo: 009 Members of the Narrow Planet team, which started a few years ago with etched nameplates and has now grown to be one of the premier manufacturers of high quality 3D and etched loco and rolling stock kits. David Bickerton, Steve Fulljames, Stuart Brewer, Stefan Kaczmarczyk (age 9), Rob Kaczmarczyk (age not notified). Jon Reeve .
Photo: 010 Good to see Christine and Chris Ward with their very popular CWR 3D printed kits in both 4 and 7mm scales. This was the last show under their ownership as the business has now been sold on, but I understand will continue to trade under the same name, for the moment at least .
Photo: 011 Neville Kent travelled all the way from Lesmahagow, near Glasgow with his N Drive productions range of 009 loco chassis and full loco kits .
Photo: 012 Another well known and very popular trader attending from Scotland, Andrew and Ian Hastie with the Parkside Dundas stand, this time all the way from Kirkcaldy in the Kingdom of Fife, way beyond Dundee .
Photo: 013 Allen Doherty found a good spot out in the main corridor of the building to set up his Worsley Works etched brass “scratch aid” range, and to provide a soldering workshop for those who want to learn the black arts. Another long distance traveller to the show, Allen came down from Manchester .
Photo: 014 009 Sales filled a complete room on its own and here we meet Bill Luty, Society Publicity Officer with Brian Guilmant who was attending his last event as Sales Officer before taking over as Chairman of the Society .
Photo: 015 A glimpse of the huge 009 Society Members Sales and Recycling service in full swing .
Photo: 016 In a separate room I found the 009 Society publicity desk, with Society Archivist Garry Whiting on the right and Hugh Norwood who was demonstrating his hand generated controller that he has very cleverly made from one of those hand powered torches. It works as well – speed of train dependant upon speed of turning the handle, forget all this feedback and pulse power stuff! .
Photo: 017 Some of the superb selection of 009 locos and stock that were on display behind the anti-photographic perspex screen on the 009 publicity display. This selection features models mainly built by Charles Insley .
Photo: 018 Whilst this selection of railcars and rail-rovers was presented by Garry Whiting, the 2 car set plus goods open wagon on the left was built by Simon Cox as a very close replica and tribute to the modelling of the late Reinier Hendriksen .
Photo: 019 Although NGS hosts the 009 Society AGM, it is not, as some people seem to believe, by any means an exclusively 3.5/4mm scale event. The 7mm NGA have participated fully for some years now and once again filled their own room with the full Association, modelling goods, USA On30 sales, publications and second hand sales stands. Here we see Association Chairman Neil Smith, closely supervised by Richard Preece at the modelling goods section .
Photo: 020 The 7mm Associetion secondhand goods section, under the control of Bob Cope, seen here in deep concentration behind the stand
Photo: 021 A relatively recent section of the 7mm Association sales operation has been the 0n30 Depot under the care of Richard Coney, which concentrates on the popular American side of the scale, mainly provided by Bachmann .
Photo: 022 This very impressive 7mm NG Association publicity stand incorporates a small layout, which we will see more of later, and the Association publications, which are ably controlled by Richard Jones .
Photo: 023 The Slim Gauge Circle regularly attend most of the specialist narrow gauge modelling events with a demonstration of their considerable skills at modelling the American narrow gauge scene mainly in HOn30, HOn3, On30 and On3 scales although I believe both larger and smaller scales can be accommodated! .
Photo: 024 An impressive publicity display set up by the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, which continues to grow from strength to strength .