SWOONS Members Open Day – Ilton, Somerset – 09 January 2016
Feb 12, 2016Public
Photo: 001 A view across the hall with several well known ng modelling personalities in the frame! .
Photo: 002 Another view of the hall from the entrance end. More well known personalities to be seen! .
Photo: 003 And of course the traditional photo showing about half of the Aladdin’s Cave known as the 009 Society members sales and recycling service .
Photo: 004 Matthew and Maria Cicquel have provided the refreshments for this little event for the past few years and what a good job they do! Something different from the usual plate of pasties in Maria’s hand this year.
Photo: 005 The anniversary cake that Maria was proudly showing in the previous photo .
Photo: 006 Spotlight on the traders. This time it is the turn of Chris and Christine Ward who are ever-present with their 3D CWR models at events large and small throughout the country. Son Colin joined them for this day out in Somerset .
Photo: 007 Contents of the display case were provided by Phil Farr-Cox (top shelf) and Garry Whiting with a pair of railcar units and 3 of his very impressive mallet locos .
Photo: 008 A first viewing for me of the new unpowered Manx Electric tram that has been released as a special commission for the Isle of Man Railway by Oxford Diecast. It is 4mm scale 00n3 .
Photo: 009 The second Oxford Diecast special commission 00n3 model is this superb Beyer Peacock 2-4-0T loco, IOMR no.12 ..
Photo: 010 Andrew Burnham brought a selection of pre-production models of forthcoming Peco 009 ready to run stock, including this trio of a pair of Glyn Valley coaches and freelance passenger brake van .
Photo: 011 A closer view of the new Peco Glyn Valley coach posed alongside the Parkside Dundas version, which most modellers know is based on rather than a scale model of a GVT coach. The difference in sizes is very apparent .
Photo: 012 The new Peco Glyn Valley open coach .
Photo: 013 I think the new brake van will be a very popular item when it is released .
Photo: 014 The forthcoming Peco Lynton & Barnstaple bogie open wagon. Much appreciation to Andrew Burnham for bringing these models along for a tempting preview! .
Photo: 015 Yet more 009 ready to run surprises were a bevy of the new Bachmann USA Skarloey locos of which the first few had only just found their way across the Atlantic at the time of this event. There was a 4th Skarloey present, belonging to Charlie Insley, which unfortunately managed to miss this “team photo” posed on Rod Allcock’s Corris 1930 layout .
Photo: 016 Skarloey as he comes straight from the Bachmann box .
Photo: 017 This version of Skarloey has been subtly improved and has had his face surgically removed by John Spratley .
Photo: 018 Another view of John Spratley's modified Skarloey
Photo: 019 A more drastic Anglicisation exercise was undertaken by David Malton from Peco, who has completed his Skarloey as Talylllyn Rly no.1 as running in the current lined black livery. A superb looking model .
Photo: 020 Another photo of David Malton’s Tallylyn without scenic distractions. A wag standing near me was heard to remark that it is “almost as good as the Meridian kit” – high compliments indeed! .
Photo: 021 Another trader present and modeller in his own right was SWOONS member Mike Johnson with his Sn2½ Coppice Lane Siding and his 7 and 16mm scale laser cut wooden kits under the Jurassic Models banner .
Photo: 022 Mike Johnson’s work in progress Coppice Lane Siding is a working trial of his initiative to produce inset tramway type track on his laser cutter/engraver. From what I could see, it seems to be progressing very well as a project .
Photo: 023 The stock roster of Mike Johnson’s Coppice Lane Siding is as individual as the 12mm gauge inset trackwork. This freelance S scale loco is built onto a Bemo chassis – none of your everyday Kato’s on here! .
Photo: 024 Mike produces the distinctive layout badges for this event. Here is this year’s special 10th anniversary one, which you will see proudly displayed on the “battle honours board” on several layout fascias that may visit a show near you soon! .