Northampton & District NG Modellers Open Day, Weedon Bec, 22 November 2015
Dec 21, 2015Public
Photo: 001 The best place to start our visit to the Open Day is at the door, where John Jacobs (sitting) and Garry Moore are waiting to welcome visitors and relieve them of just a small amount of cash. (Photo courtesy of John Mudd as my own from a similar angle was very blurred indeed!) .
Photo: 002 A view of the main hall from the stage, early in the proceedings .
Photo: 003 Meanwhile, on the stage, the 009 Society sales operation was in full flow all day .
Photo: 004 Neil Smith, the 7mm NGA Chairman brought the Association’s very popular modelling goods section along, which was supplemented by the new 0n30 section of their sales stand .
Photo: 005 Crabbie’s Boatyard, a very nicely made diorama or section of a layout seen at the 0n30 part of the 7mm NGA stand .
Photo: 006 Another view of the splendid modelling on the 1:48 scale Crabbie’s Boatyard .
Photo: 007 Spotlight on the Traders. I try to include at least one of the specialist traders that support our part of the hobby so well at these smaller events. This time it is the turn of John Flower who travelled from Sheffield with his A1 Models range of etched and 3D printed locomotive body kits .
Photo: 008 Spotlight on the Refreshments Team! A really splendid array of savoury and sweet eats were available all day courtesy of the hardworking team. From the left: Becky, Julie, Pam, Crystal and Tim, left centre and right all being members of the Haigh family; Dad being out in the hall playing with his trainset .
Photo: 009 Willoughby’s Garden is a group owned 0-16.5 layout , inspired by the 2ft gauge Cadeby Light Railway that the late Rev Teddy Boston built around the garden of his rectory in the village of Cadeby in Leicestershire .
Photo: 010 An unusual and attractive little locomotive at work in Willoughby’s Garden .
Photo: 011 7mm NGA Sales Officer Bob Cope had a day off from manning the secondhand sales stand in order to bring his own 0-16.5 layout that was built on a wooden shoe rack from The Range, Ashe Wharf .
Photo: 012 A sturdy looking little 0-4-0ST rests between duties on Bob Cope’s 0-16.5 Ashe Wharf .
Photo: 013 A view along the length of Ashe Wharf, Bob Cope’s 0-16.5 layout .
Photo: 014 This attractive little diesel loco, spotted working on Ashe Wharf, was built by Brian Orton .
Photo: 015 Well known to members of the NGRM-Online forum for his progress reports on the “father and son layout”, it was good to see Simon Demaine, with young Tyler Allcroft with Ted’s Yard, a small layout in G9 scale – a 1:24 size estate railway depicting 7¼ inch gauge using 9mm gauge track .
Photo: 016 Simon Demaine’s G9 Ted’s Yard .
Photo: 017 Another view of the little 7¼ inch gauge loco at work on Simon Demaine’s Ted’s Yard .
Photo: 018 Ted’s yard is busy enough to keep 2 IC locos hard at work on the 7¼ inch gauge railway that serves the Lyncombe Heath Estate .
Photo: 019 Rowland Sutton with his developing preservation era 009 layout The Senga Line .
Photo: 020 A view down the frontage of Rowland Sutton’s 009 The Senga Line .
Photo: 021 Colourful Minitrains stock working on The Senga Line. The loco hauling the passenger train is a Tebee Models 3D printed saddle tank loco that runs on a Kato tram chassis .
Photo: 022 One of the attractive Minitrains Zillertalbahn 0-4-0WT locos outside the shed on The Senga Line, by Rowland Sutton .
Photo: 023 I just managed to catch a glimpse of Andi Nethercoat, who brought his 1:25 scale work in progress Minimum Gauge Castle Works Yard .
Photo: 024 Castle Works Yard, 1:25 scale 16.5mm gauge by Andi Nethercoat .