Dorset NG Open Day, Colehill near Wimborne, Sunday 30 November 2014
Dec 29, 2014Public
Photo: 001 A warm welcome awaits inside, whatever your scale preference! ,
Photo: 002 A good initiative by Brian Guilmant was that everyone should be given a sticker on entry to write their name on – makes it all so much more friendly and informal! Here is Ian Turner in the maroon jumper partially hidden behind Alan Hamer at the arrivals and welcome desk, with his drop in rolling stock surgery. Many people bought sick engines in for diagnosis and miracle cure and went away smiling! .
Photo: 003 Overall view of the hall not long after opening time. Nearest table features Julian Evison and Simon Hargraves (Spitfire Goggles to those on NGRM-Online) facing and David Gander, 009 Society Chairman in the dark jumper .
Photo: 004 Alan Hamer negotiates the assault course in order to get behind his own layout, whilst Ed Florey from the SWOONS Group tries to find his entrance fee as fellow SWOONS member Geoff Bowyer talks to Lee Bryant from the Wessex NGM and Brian Ellsmore (one of the 009 Society Sales team) looks cool. In the foreground is David Collins who is otherwise known as Clayliner to members of NGRM-Online and the 009 Society forum .
Photo: 005 More people – are you in the photo? Modellers from Dorset, Isle of White, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon, Somerset, East Sussex and Hertfordshire identified! .
Photo: 006 Bob and Julie Cope brought the 7mm NGA sales stand all the way from Northamptonshire for the day .
Photo: 007 The 009 Society sales stand under its usual siege situation. Steve Lawrence working hard whilst David Gander keeps an eye on things. John Thorne is inspecting the float in the till whilst in the background, Brian Guilmant is trying to summon meals on wheels .
Photo: 008 Howard Coulson brought his Belgian mining town scene Beaulieu Les Mines along. He already has a full appointments diary for the layout which is rapidly becoming almost as well known as Howard’s previous layout, Eitomo .
Photo: 009 Howard has done a considerable amount of work to Beaulieu Les Mines since the last time I saw it and has opened up the viewpoint along the front of the baseboard, considerably improving the scene .
Photo: 010 A Mallet tram loco hauls a train of sugar beet through the newly opened up section of the townscene .
Photo: 011 A tram loco hauls a mixed service though Beaulieu Les Mines. The short tram coaches come from the sought after Egger OEG tram coaches – which I have been searching for ages for a couple at affordable prices! Still if Howard wants to cut his up, it is his trainset after all! .
Photo: 012 Beaulieu Les Mines is a twin level layout with the town and the vicinal style railway on the lower level and the mining scene higher up, Here a Sentinel loco shunts some stock into the mine tracks .
Photo: 013 More cut down coaches in the form of a pair of 4 wheelers made from the well known Jouef Decauville open coach – in this case I think Howard has improved on the original! .
Photo: 014 More shunting in progress on the upper level tracks .
Photo: 015 Meanwhile, down in the town, the Fire Service band is practicing for its next fund raising concert. Note the very effective cobbled street surface .
Photo: 016 More Egger surgery! This very impressive tram loco has been fabricated by Howard Coulson from a pair of the also-scarce Egger tram loco bodies. – but to be fair, when he bought them they were probably 4 pounds 3 shillings and 6 pence each .
Photo: 017 By some margin, the prize for not the largest layout was awarded to John Bruce and his Wherewithial Quay, which is another superbly made little layout that is receiving many invitations to shows .
Photo: 018 Churches are quite common scenic features on layouts, but derelict churches are rather less so .
Photo: 019 A quayside scene as a Beyer Peacock tram loco shunts stock. The tide is out at the moment! .
Photo: 020 The photographer had to wade out into the low tide mud to get this atmospheric shot. I’m not so sure the explosives van really should be that close to the hot smokebox of the engine! .
Photo: 021 Considering that Wherewithial Quay is only around 18inches or so square, the perspective in this well thought through scene is a triumph of John Bruce’s artistic talent .
Photo: 022 John Bruce’s Wherewithial Quay, showing the whole layout, including the single point and siding! .
Photo: 023 Wiltshire Group 009 Society members meeting up at Wherewithial Quay. Left to Right: Angus Watkins, Andy Cundick, John Bruce .
Photo: 024 Alan Hamer’s Steam on Shed diorama which provided an impressive setting to display his collection of HOe stock from a variety of continental manufacturers .